Call to Abolish TxDOT For Not Wacking Weeds

Gov. Rick Perry's TxDOT has refused to properly take care of it's landscaping responsibility, as weeds grow uncontrolled beside it's highways across the state. A Dallas city council is so frustrated with the weeds that they talked about abolishing TxDOT. From NBC:

"Our freeways look absolutely terrible. You know, it's the introduction to our city for many people," said Angela Hunt, Dallas City Councilmember.
"On Monday the council committee considered another option, bringing into question whether or not the Texas Department of Transportation should even exist.

"If the city of Dallas isn't getting what we deserve, then yes, I think we need to look at whether we even need a Texas Department of Transportation," said Hunt"
Perhaps placing some signs that honor Veterans would get TxDOT to start up those lawn mowers. : )
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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely insane. Bush is telling us we need to rely on China and others for our food supply and Rick Perry is confiscating PRIME AGRICULTURAL LAND that could feed us, all on behalf of the CINTA TTC deal. Absolutely incredible how stupid our elected officials have become. More like careless.