State Highway 161 To Be Shifted to Toll Road

Last year, TxDOT and Dallas shifted State Highway 121 into a toll road, now a second public highway, SH 161 gets turned into a mega cash cow toll for 52 years, according to Dallas News today. They give away SH 161, a public asset without a public vote.

A diversion of nearly $1 Billion tax dollars subsidized SH 121 toll road, at least $200 million are involved with Hwy 161, but it's really unknown at this time (not to mention the right of way we've paid for).

These are not conventional toll roads. Shifting promised public highways with tax dollars into tollways creates a monopolistic hidden unaccountable tax. Read, "CONVENTIONAL TOLL ROADS vs. FREEWAY TOLL ROADS"

And, Sen. John Carona, he's fine with all these freeway to tollway conversions.

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Anonymous said...

I hate Mr. spineless, double talking Carona. As I've blogged before, I have more respect for those who openly say they're going to toll us than those who say they won't around election time and then do so behind our backs later. Vote Carona out! Watson too.