Crooks Reach Deal for SH 161 Tollway

State crooks will share the booty from converting SH 161 to a toll road, says WFFA:

"Friday afternoon, state Senators John Carona and Florence Shapiro helped along with Lt. Governor David Dewhurst helped TXDOT and the NTTA reach a breakthrough in Dallas.

Neither side would release precise details about costs and years involved until the NTTA board approves it. NTTA called a special board meeting Sunday afternoon to consider the proposal

NTTA spokeswoman Sherita Coffelt said the agreement reached is similar to one of its own proposals in which the NTTA would turn 161 into a toll road and collect revenue from it for 52 years. After that, Coffelt said, the NTTA and TXDOT will share toll revenues."

They actually begin the SH 161 toll road construction on Monday, with hundred of millions of your tax dollars, which were intended for free roads.

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slimeball maggots