New Google Street View Helps Us Spy on Sen. Kirk Watson's Home

Sen. Kirk "Big Brother" Watson wants everyone in YOUR home to get tracked, traced and toll taxed. Now, thanks to Google, we can spy on his $2 million dollar home.

Google debuted Street View in Google Maps last May, but it just arrived in Austin. Click here to look at Watson’s home at 2301 Woodlawn Blvd., Austin Texas, 78703, from just about every angle.

Sen. Kirk Watson led the charge on CAMPO to ignore the public and divert $910 million tax dollars to shift our Central Texas freeways to toll roads in October of 2007. Thanks to Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Watson, you and your family will have to pay a toll tax to drive portions of Austin public highways 71W, 71E, 183, 290E and 290W.

This double tax, of tolling drivers to use public expressways to drive to work, school and shop, benefits Watson and his special interest pals.

Roads and development go hand in hand, and Kirk Watson has placed himself as the chair of the most powerful organization in Central Texas.

Soon after Sen. Kirk Watson became Chair of CAMPO, an organization that directs billions of road dollars in Central Texas, records show Sen. Kirk Watson was put on the payroll of developers who profit from important transportation decisions. Watson was paid an undisclosed amount of money to lobby for these developers.

Developers see the double tax tolls as an eternal slush fund to pay for more roads to their cheap land. Developers buy cheap land, away from city cores, and pay off our representatives to make the public foot the bill - for roads to their property.

Records from a FOIA request show Sen. Kirk Watson, as partner of law firm Hughes & Luce, bills the City of Austin at a rate of $450 per hour for representation on land deals with developers. Over $420,000 has been paid to Watson’s law firm, by the City of Austin in the last two years.

How can Watson fairly represent the people while having so many conflicts?

The 2006 Austin Chamber of Commerce annual report, reveals that Sen. Kirk Watson individually, and his law firm both contributed money to the pro toll Chamber. (see page 23 - www.austinchamber.com/WhatsNew/2006OAAnnualReport.pdf)

Watson, a multimillionaire with a $2 million dollar home who profits off his many positions, can afford to pay exorbitant toll rates set by the CTRMA, an unelected, unaccountable toll authority. But can most families?


Anonymous said...

Fun site...the Google map street view...Brewster McCracken's house is available too! The address is 7613 Rockpoint Dr., Austin, TX 78731. His isn't nearly as nice as old Kirk's house...but then again, he isn't the Mayor of Austin...YET!

Anonymous said...

Love it! BTW, where does Dawnna Dukes live?

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

Dukes lists this address on all her state forms:

1309 Marshall Ln
Austin, TX 78703

But I am told that she rents that property out and does not tell anyone where she lives.

So, if you have some time to kill some day, follow her from the state capitol and let me know.

: )