Avis Gets Snagged in The Toll Tax Bureaucracy - And Gets a Deal

Avis Rental Car company (via parent V.P Holding) got caught up in the Harris County toll road bureaucracy, having to cough up almost $200,000 worth of fines in unpaid tolls, administrative and attorney fees that accrued over the years.

Avis was facing a fat $374,000 bill from Harris County, but it was "settled" this week, for about half the cost, at $190,000, to cover the original $12,116.47 in tolls not paid.

Did Avis get special treatment? Do you think you would get your toll tax fees and fines cut in half?


Anonymous said...

maybe Avis will speak out against tolls since they're hurting their bottom line and they complicate their business process... I'm much less likely to rent a car now that I have to deal with more crap. If a city I'm visiting has a rail system and toll roads, I'll take the rail instead of renting a car or pay for cabs. I certainly don't want to rent a damn EZ pass and deal with the complications. And if I have to rent one, I'm using GPS so I don't have to get on a toll road.

Anonymous said...

Just run the troll roads. According to the ways it is writted the owner of the car (rental company) is responsible for the toll. Not the renter.