Father and Son Tollers Accused of Molesting Children

J.D. Abrams, the founder of J.D. Abrams LP, 183A toll road builder, along with his son Jon Abrams, the current CEO, have been accused by two sisters for sexually abused them as children. There is video evidence of the abuse, according to the lawsuit.

As reported by the Statesman:

Two sisters have sued the founder of a Travis County highway construction company, saying that he sexually abused them as children, promised to pay them if they didn't file criminal or civil charges, and then stopped the payments after the legal time limit for pressing the charges expired.

Jackie Fowler, 35, and Jeni Vejil Abrams, 31, sued J.D. Abrams, the 79-year-old founder of J.D. Abrams LP on April 3. They also sued his son, Jon F. Abrams, 56, alleging that he sexually assaulted Fowler in her childhood. There is videotaped evidence of the abuse, according to the lawsuit.

The sisters are being represented by attorneys Robert Kizer and Roy Minton.

"Something needs to stop people like this, that have so much money and so much power, from doing this to children,"
Kizer said.

The lawsuit says there is a videotape of J.D. Abrams assaulting the sisters when they were children.
J.D. Abrams LP, contributers to Gov. Rick Perry and other tollers, signed a secret deal (Comprehensive Development Agreement - CDA) with the CTRMA to build 183A, along with their partners California-based Granite Construction Co under the consortium name Hill Country Constructors in 2004. 183A opened on March 3, 2007 with a cost of about $238 million for 4.5 miles of toll road.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: The original story included two more sentences with a quote about toll roads from a Bill Burnett that works for J.D. Abrams. A different person than the Hays County Commissioner Bill Burnett who voted for Austin toll roads.


Anonymous said...

Not the same Bill Burnett - the Bill Burnett with Abrams is a former executive director with TxDOT with strong ties to Amadeo Saenz et al. The Hays county commissioner has no direct affiliation with Abrams at all. See the managment profiles on Abrams website.

Sal Costello Sal@TexasTollParty.com said...

You are correct, I am fixing that error now.


Anonymous said...

I realize what they did was VERY wrong, but don't the "sisters" get to take any blame considering they accepted the money from him long after they turned of age??? Then, when the money stopped, they got mad! Gee, go figure! And the fact that their mother knew it was happening and did nothing is horrible. She should be in jail!!!I guess it really is true that enough money can buy anything! If there is blame to be thrown around, they all need to get hit with it......