TxDOT Spends $20 Million Tax Dollars to Build Park

TxDOT says they are broke, but they just gave $20,000,000.00 to the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation for a recreational park in Dallas. This is NOT a transportation project, it's a park with a Cafe, Dog Park and Botanical gardens, but NO road.

Toller road profiteers JP Morgan and Carter & Burgess have seats on the board and the steering committee of the foundation the taxpayer money was given to. And, Carter & Burgess is one of the major contractors getting paid for this park project.

TxDOT's commitment grew from $10 million to $20 million in the past year.

I'm all for parks, but why is money from our transportation budget paying for a park? And why would TxDOT give $20 million to a foundation full of special interests instead of the city to do the job?

UPDATE: Also read, the Newspaper.com's "Texas: Gas Tax Dollars Spent to Build Park"


Anonymous said...

I think the answer to your question is: politics. TxDOT may have wanted to curry favor with Dallas political interests, possibly to get support for their toll road and privatization agenda.

$20 million is a fraction of the cost, which was estimated to be $71 million in 2006 and is surely higher now.


I'm hoping that the cost has increased drastically so the project will be financially infeasible.

Anonymous said...

Is it really going to a park or not? That IS the question. I heard a joke. America: the bridge will take 1 year and cost $20 million. 3 years later the bridge is completed and the cost was $40 million. Other more corrupt countries: the bridge will take 1 year and cost $20 million. 3 years later, where's the bridge? (the $20 million was stolen.) I fear the latter... no park. $20 million lost to special interests.

Anonymous said...

I believe the special interests political cronies are literally absconding with tax funds as payola from their indebted "Judas" incumbents leaving citizen tax-payers high and dry.

Anonymous said...

hmmm is this a "managed" park???where are the toll booths to collect "user fees" for this park????

don't tell me TXDOT helped build a FREE park!!! don't they know these places are CASH COWS?!? whats this world coming to?!?!?!? IDIOTS!!