Houston to Double The Toll Tax?

Houston politicos are considering a Katy Freeway toll tax of $1.25 during nonpeak hours and doubling the cost on the during peak hours to reduce traffic congestion, according to the Houston Chronicle.

How would doubling the cost (congestion pricing) reduce traffic congestion you ask? By pricing people out of their cars, there is less traffic on the toll road. This congestion pricing on the toll roads INCREASES congestion on the free lanes!

True bureaucrats love accountable toll taxes.


Anonymous said...

Doubling the costs INCREASES congestion on the tax-funded free lanes. And politicos and friends with free EZ passes don't even pay to drive on these tolled lanes. The politicos are just forcing citizens out of their way. Kicking 'em off the road that's already been paid for.

Anonymous said...

Special interests are cashing in on their own investments (a.k.a. bribes, political contributions, etc.) by first absconding with tax funds through inflated construction (and research/engineering) profits and further their abuses through gratuitous EZ passes that create their own private highways tolled at the expense of other betrayed constituents.