Molest Kids And Still Get TxDOT Contracts!

Last week I wrote an article called, "Father and Son Tollers Accused of Molesting Children" (see below).

This week, Frank Hoy,
one of the "higher ups" of the University of Texas at El Paso, says that the J.D. Abrams molestation lawsuit, involving reported video tape evidence, isn't likely to hurt the J.D. Abrams' company or its ability to get road contracts from TxDOT, as stated in the El Paso Times:

"For the most part, in the business world and in government contracting, (people) separate the non-business actions of corporate executives from the business itself", said Hoy.


Anonymous said...

My dad told me many years ago "never do business with a man that will cheat on his wife - he'll cheat you ten times worse". Child molestation isn't even in the same universe. They all will find a warm place in HELL.

Anonymous said...

It may not hurt the contract but hopefully the molester will get some time in jail. maybe a little taste of his own medicine while he's incarcerated.

Anonymous said...

He wont get any jail time. It was past the reporting limitations.(that is why he quit paying the hush money) Basically he was paying off the victims, they stayed quite until he stopped paying, now they are suing to get more.