Fat Cats Get Red Light Camera Free Ride

Red Light Camera's increase rear end collisions, often fail/malfunction (Austin's pilot phase didn't include testing of equipment), violate due process and the City of Austin failed explore alternative options as promised.

We also know that money from the programs is NOT going to trauma care as intended--and as promised to get the law passed, so this is merely a collection plate for the State's cash cow.

Grits for Breakfast has a great post on this issue today:

In Houston, tollway cameras have been configured to identify license plate numbers and run them against vehicle registration records and arrest warrants. Meanwhile, in California, red light cameras have been configured so that private vehicles owned by elected officials, public employees and their families will not be ticketed for red light running.

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Anonymous said...

This is probably the one of the biggest reasons for electronic tolling. Immunity and selective law enforcement and justice. Those in power get all the benefits and get off scott free while the citizens pay and serve jail terms for everything. Privileges for corporations who contribute to elected officials' campaigns. Cronyism and fascism at its worst. No more embarrassing media coverage of "Bush's daughter caught with Fake ID."