Fat Cats Fly TxDOT Airways

What's better than TxDOT building roads that always cost the most to build and maintain?

Well, TxDOT has a fleet of private jets, for fat cats only. But don't feel bad, although you can't use them, you and your family do get to pay for the costly flights with your hard earned tax dollars (so you can feel you're part of the magic). From a Houston Click 2 Report:

We discovered the total price tag for the program in just two years is more than $6 million. But is it necessary?

Say you're heading to Austin for business or fun, would you pay $1,173 to fly roundtrip from Houston to get there? Get out your wallets. That's what you paid to fly a state official in a small private plane from Austin to Houston.

Your tax money funds a fleet of small planes run by the Texas Department of Transportation in Austin.

Local 2 Investigates tracked two years worth of the taxpayer-funded flights (fiscal years 2006 and 2007) to see who is taking the flights and why. We wanted to know why taxpayers are paying so much when other travel options can often cost so much less.

We found the state's most frequent flier in those two years was former state Education Commissioner Shirley Neeley. Neeley traveled for speeches and meetings, racking up 62 flights in two years with a total price tag of $97,645.

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