Good Egg Endorsements for City of Austin City Council

I’m not a procrastinator, but to be honest, I’ve been putting this off. Out of all the kinds of elections there are, I hate city elections. I don’t know if it’s because they can attract some of the worst bottom of the barrel political opportunists, or something else. I just despise city elections.

There are a couple bright spots this year and here they are:

Laura Morrison
for Place 4.
Morrison has a track record of open, inclusive decision making, and a demonstrated willingness to stand up to the special interests who feed off the Council ignoring citizens.

Jason Meeker
for Place 1. Meeker is the long shot who is taking on incumbent, Lee Leffingwell who favors special interest and other insider lobbyists. Leffingwell will run for mayor, along with toller Brewster McCracken next year. Both are bad news for citizens. Leffingwell spearheaded a 100 year secret water deal with the LCRA.

I follow the lead of Better Austin Today (BAT PAC), a broad coalition of citizen group leaders, with the endorsements above. The Statesman just endorsed two of the worst candidates (go figure), Lee Leffingwell, Randi Shade, and then there is Robin Cravey, which is an unknown to me at this time.

Jennifer Kim
for Place 3. Jennifer Kim did the right thing, and was in the minority when she voted against Sen. Watson’s plan to shift Austin existing freeways to tollways, just months ago.

Jennifer is far from perfect, she ushered in the red light camera scam. But the fact is Randi Shade is worse, much worse. Shade was moved into this race by tollers, who want to replace Jennifer Kim for her vote against the double tax tolls. Shade is backed by toll scum like Mike Weaver (Created the CTRMA and gave himself a NO BID Contract to do it) and Lowell Lebermann (Vice Chair of the CTRMA). So, even though I’m not crazy about all of Jennifer Kim’s positions, and she’s been rude to me personally, and others I know, Randi Shade makes her look very appealing in contrast.

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Isn't there a third candidate for Place 3? What kind of info do you have on him?