Hacktackular - Perry, Watson and Delisi

Sen. Kirk Watson has acquiesced — and will allow Gov. Rick Perry's appointment of Deirdre Delisi to go forward says Eye on Wilco. Click the link and read - if you want to throw up in your own mouth:

"Watson didn’t think that busting a second Perry appointee was a good career move."
Don't you just love these double tax - freeway tolling crooks?


Anonymous said...

LOL it was a "bad career move" for him to be in public office to began with!!! kirk WITS-NONE is a disgrace!! i dream of the day all these toll road scumbags are out of office!

Anonymous said...

Regarding this article:

"Not sure what kind of future “career move” Watson is planning on. But it’s hard to see how standing up to a Republican governor, with little public support, could be bad for a Democrats future."

That is because Watson is not a Democrat...He wears sheep's clothing...His decisions and attitudes have always been much more Republican - A foundation of being a member of the Democratic Party is fairness and the good of the Whole (meaning policy for the good of the whole citizenry) vs. the good of the elite. Watson's policy to toll roads in East Austin go completely against what being a Democrat is all about. And that is just one example of many that show his favoritism towards the elite citizens of Austin. He only claims to be a Democrat, because he is trying to "Keep Austin Weird"...What a joke!

Also in the article:

" "I knew they were coming, and my hope is that what we see with these two appointments is a change in direction,” said Watson. He hopes this could indicate a shift from the “us versus them mentality at TXDoT,” and place more emphasis on local control over decisions about road infrastructure."

If you have ever been at a public CAMPO meeting, this quote is simply laughable. If he truly wanted LOCAL CONTROL over road infrastructure decisions he would listen to the 90% of Austin citizens who stand FIRMLY OPPOSED to tolled highways!