Sen. Ogden Wants To Gamble With Your Money

Read the Eye on Williamson County article HERE.


Anonymous said...

While this makes no sense for state employees to gamble thier money away, I am somewhat glad the proposal is being considered. The prospect of using said funds for these boondoggles might actually shine a bright spotlight on the corruption and dishonest behaviour of TXDOT and its underlings. I would hope that, in order to divert this money, the Ledge would have to justify it with a helluva lot more of its constituents than it is currently.

Anonymous said...

No way in hell do I give my permission for MY gov't PENSION funds be squandered toward toll roads! Moreover, providing gov't loans to self-serving private construction tollers is also deemed bad fiscal policy in my view constituting irresponsibility and white collar highway robbery.

Anonymous said...

This is the same genius that slammed TRS for authorizing an investment in a Las Vegas casino:


At today’s joint hearing of two Senate committees on pension investment strategies, both senators teed off on the Teacher Retirement System for a gambling investment last year — specifically, the TRS board’s approval of up to $100 million in a project to develop casinos in Las Vegas with Station Casinos Inc.

“I find it ironic that our teachers are investing in activities that are illegal in the state in which they live,” Ogden noted dryly.

I guess Steve forgot about the Indian casino in Eagle Pass.