TxDOT Says "Perfect Storm" Caused $1.1 Billion Error

TxDOT District Engineer Bob Daigh, to the left,
arrived at a 2006 CAMPO
meeting with HNTB's Richard Ridings.
Ridings is a 183A toll road contractor who billed CTRMA $7.2 million
in the first year - The $7.2 million was paid
for with our tax dollars

Austin District Engineer Bob Daigh (evidence of ties with a convicted criminal here), who has blamed the need for double tax toll roads on the $10 Billion dollar a month Iraq war, explains HOW TxDOT made a $1.1 Billion dollar error in the recent Community Impact Newspaper:
"We blew it. You have to understand it isn't one thing. It is the perfect storm of events..."
"...an unfortunate, honest mistake, where evidently, monies were allocated to pay for both some projects that have been let (already started), and also simultaneously allocated for some future builds. Wow, what an embarrassment. And it took a long time to find it."
Note that not one individual was fired over this error $1.1 Billion error. Do you think YOU could make a $1.1 Billion dollar error at your job — and NOT get fired?

Also, Bob Daigh, as a member of CAMPO presented the Phase II toll plan to Sen. Kirk Watson's CAMPO, then voted YES to his own plan. A plan that would toll Austin freeways using diverted tax dollars.

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