Letter to the Muckraker: Forcing Drivers Onto Toll Roads

Hey Sal,

Just FYI. I commute from Leander/Cedar Park to Austin along free 183 every day (I refuse to take the 183A tollway). Over the past few weeks I noticed the northbound traffic is backing up at the light at 183A service road and Avery Ranch Blvd. Due to the design of 183A, free traffic must exit and pass under the tollway before continuing on free 183 northbound toward Cedar Park.

This hasn't been much of a problem until lately when the lights seem to have been "untimed", so to speak. Now free traffic has to wait through several cycles of the lights at 183 and Avery Ranch Blvd, often without any cross traffic present. In fact, the light timing is so inefficient that it seems to be intended to force free traffic back onto the 183A tollway. But it doesn't stop there -- the lights along free 183 through Cedar Park also seem to be "untimed" to cause maximum congestion lately.

Although I can't prove the lights are intentionally "untimed", I'm sure there are thousands of other free 183 commuters out there that would agree with me. Keep up the good work.



Anonymous said...

This kind of crap happened in Colorado when they put in the new toll road. Google The Newspaper, Tower Road (the competing road) and tolls. Until we get Perry kicked out, we're all going to have to buy hybrids to afford to drive to work. A hybrid's gas engine is off when it's stopped at a stoplight. Stop and go recharges batteries as well.

Anonymous said...

Point-of-Order: The foremost or primary reason of all these/any new TxDOT/CRTMA road improvements was (is?) supposedly to relieve traffic congestion and improve traffic flow (lieu line self-interests collaborater coffers)! So what for/how are we citizens going to hold our elected representatives accountable -- shouldn't Cedar Park residents influence their own officials to synchronize their traffic lights!?! or do Texas elected officials require a higher payola from constituents over their special interests collaborators!?!

Anonymous said...

At one of the Fix290 rallies someone told me Gerald Daughtery didn't want to have more fuel efficient government vehicles because it would eat into gas tax revenues. Perry voted NO on allowing school busses to turn off their engines when it was known they'd be sitting for a while. Our officials want waste. There's not a good bone in Rick Perry's or Gerald Daughtery (TXDOT) body. Gerald Daughtery is anti light rail as well. Anti-anything that would reduce oil consumption.

Anonymous said...

these toll roads are NOT for relieving traffic congestion. they are for making money and then diverting that money to other areas. they are simply a TAX with lipstick.

183A is the most expensive stretch of toll road in Texas- and maybe the US?? why??? it's because they don't give a sh*t about the citizens and traffic congestion. they have priced 183A based on demand. which is sickening because it's like a "commercial" expressway now. roads and highways are supposed to be commodities and there for the greater good. not a tool for profit!!!

remember when one of those pro-toll idiots (i think it was gerald daughtery??) he said they price tolls on "whatever the market will bare"

absolutely sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tolls create exclusivity for drivers. Those who can afford can drive at their leisure. Those who cant, sit mired in traffic with no hope of help. Then as the tolls increase to offset the lack of drivers or Profit, more will be forced to use the free roads. Those roads wont be update or expanded due to toll road contract deals, so the traffic will get worse, not better. The speed limit will be lowered on free roads, red lights will be longer to help force trafic onto pay lanes. Demand of your representation that its a governmental responsibility to provide transportation to ALL of its residents and visitors, not just those who can afford it. Transportation should be seen as a RIGHT, not an option. What the government doesnt see, without an affective infrastructure, even the tolls are doomed for failure.

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside... Toll rates in Texas far exceed those in other states.

For example, to drive from NYC to Philadelphia via the NJ Turnpike costs $6.25 for the one-hundred-eleven mile trip. The rates here much more that that.

And, you can bet that traffic light timing will be punishing for the "free" lanes. Just drive the service road on Ben White for a realistic preview...

Grumpy in Cedar Creek