I was scheduled to speak, but I got sick the night before.
See more good photos from the TTC March HERE.


Anonymous said...

That was a great rally! I took the kids and showed them how to get involved. I hope it teaches them that they don't have to be lemmings and just go with the flow. The real bonus was getting to meet so many Texans from around the state that are at risk of losing their land and homes. I was humbled to hear their stories and realize their struggle is so much more personal than mine. Senator Brogden from Oklahoma was very kind to speak and stated that the TTC will need a mighty big U-turn lane if it ever makes it to OK. I'm all for giving him an honorary Texas citizenship.

Tim Andrews

Anonymous said...

We wanted 10,000 and only had 200. Come on people, wake up and rally. I have a car that gets great gas milage. I say raise the gas tax $1 per gallon - let others pay for the roads with their gas guzzlers while I drive on free roads. Sorry you were sick Sal