TxDOT Mows Down Signs Honoring Veterans

Just a few days before Veterans day, TxDOT landscapers mowed down nearly 100 signs honoring South Texas Veterans.

The signs are part of a yearly “Highway of Honor”. Proper permits were obtained from TxDOT in advance by the American Legion and a local church - but that didn't stop TxDOT from the disrespectful destruction.

The signs were shredded and turned into countless fragments of trash as they were spread along 20 miles of FM 2100, North East of Houston.

KTRK (ABC news) in Houston has the story:

Past American Legion Commander Anselmo saw the crew mowing right over the signs Friday morning. He says he tried to stop them, but the crew didn't speak English.

Anselmo, who served two tours in Vietnam, ran up ahead to grab his sign and those of his five family members. He saved those, but says he couldn't save many others or the respect that each soldier or Marine is due.

Anselmo laments that he now once again has that empty feeling that he felt upon returning from Vietnam.

"Whenever I got off the plane and they were spitting on me, I felt like I was being spit on again," he said.
What is the solution to change this rogue agency?

Make it accountable to the voters. Top TxDOT leadership should be elected, not appointed.

Currently Ric Williamson, the chair of TxDOT who is a Gov. Perry appointee, is a holdover.

Ric Williamson is a key problem with TxDOT. TxDOT under Williamson's leadership, is stealing our roads and our land to double tax Texans. This YouTube video of Williamson proves he doesn't care how much it costs our families.

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