What...were y'all, DRUNK?!?!

by McBlogger

The results of the election on the Constitutional Amendments are here. I seriously don't get this...some of you need to stop huffing gold spray paint. I very clearly told you to vote against the Governor's 'Cancer Research' slush fund and TXDoT's 'Bend over, baby' bond issue. Some of you clearly got confused. Which makes you stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Ya got that right! I guess there was a sale on crack because it sure looks like most of Taxus smoked a whole lot before they went to the polls!

The voting public just sold all of our asses down the river so some of the big money morons can live high on the hog!

Anonymous said...

Yup! Crack must really be cheap in TaxUs. All sixteen Amendments were passed by a bunch of folks either high, blind or just really stupid! Meet the uninformed Texas public!

Peter Stern said...

Apparently what many people including McBlogger do NOT comprehend is that with under 9-percent voting of the total number of registered voters, SPECIAL INTERESTS get their people out to vote.

Consequently, they love it that most "regular folks" don't vote!!!

And the regular folks don't get it!!!

That's the REAL reason these outrageous proposed amendments come to fruition!!!


Anonymous said...

Anyone whom disagrees with the toll jihadists, are either corrupt, stupid, insane, or on some mind-altering substance. I'm glad I visit these sites occassionally; they remind me not to get too upset when I hear your same weak arguments time and again. I just need to remember that I'm dealing with people with IQs in the low 80s, at best.