KLBJ: Taxpayer Funded Police To Begin Ticketing 183A Toll Violators Monday

More public resources spent on bureaucratic tolls.


TD said...

Coming from an era where we actually contributed to our society by voting and getting involved, I am glad to see a person Like Sal taking on this cause. Shelia McNeil should not resign as she will stick her foot in her mouth again. What a better way to get free publicity for an issue that our own representatives ignore!

TD Dougherty

Anonymous said...

I dont see how this is legal. The collecting of tolls is a civil act isnt it? Since this toll is part civil payment and part local government payment, shouldnt the owning body have to flip the bill to enforce any civil statues or laws upon the toll. since it is owned and opertated by a private entity, doesnt that infact make it private property? If so, shouldnt constables not on duty officers be enforcing this?