Diana Maldonado Statement On Krusee Not Running In 2008

On Hidden Agendas and Political Paybacks

A Statement from Diana Maldonado, Democratic Candidate for House District 52, on the resignation of Craddick Lieutenant Mike Krusee, as seen on Eye on Williamson Blog.

People have grown increasingly suspicious of politics. Unfortunately, their fears are well founded, and today’s announcement from State Representative Mike Krusee that he plans to step down from office effective at the end of his term in January 2009 will only serve to reinforce their suspicions.

Despite widespread rumors of political payback for his steadfast support of toll road privatization plans, Mike Krusee failed to state why he is stepping down, how he will be rewarded, or what backroom meetings took place in the planning of this announcement, just days before official candidate filing opens.

It’s this type of political arrogance that has led people to be justifiably suspicious of the Governor’s toll road plans. Krusee, the lead proponent for the Trans Texas Corridor, has ignored the voters’ demand for information before. He was the only Representative out of 150 members to oppose a moratorium on toll road privatization which would have provided voters time to gain a better understanding of how billions of dollars would be spent, how development rights would be handed over, and how the face of our communities would be changed forever.

The goals he couldn’t reach legislatively, we are left to assume, he will pursue administratively. After all, the same disrespect he showed for voters in the past has been reinforced with his failure to answer questions today.

Read the rest of the statement HERE on Eye on Williamson Blog

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