Melinda Wheatley, State Rep. Krusee’s Mistress, Introduces Herself to Me.

The corruption of our state of Texas is prevalent, as our tax dollars are spent to shift our freeways to tollways.

From Republicans like Gov. Perry and Rep. Mike Krusee to Democrats like Sen. Kirk Watson, our so called representatives blatantly lie, in an effort to detract taxpayers from the fact that they profit by ignoring their fiduciary duty to the people. And if we look close enough, you’ll find that every time a politician ignores the will of the people, they personally benefit - note the details of a just a few ways Sen. Kirk Watson profits here.

The corruption these crooks cause along with the layers of bureacracy they create (to hide behind) and the billions they divert for pet projects seems to be limitless.

For years, the married Republican State Rep. Mike Krusee, the chair of the House Transportation committee, and lobbyist Melinda "Redkitty" Wheatley have had an intimate relationship.

Melinda Wheatley and Rep. Mike Krusee began working together on education issues in the late 90’s. In 2003 Krusee became the Chair of the House Transportation Committee after former chair Joe Pickett refused to go along with the unaccountable transportation legislation Gov. Perry wanted pushed. That same year, records show Wheatley began to lobby on Transportation issues.

TransCore, one of Wheatley's transportation clients, landed a multi million dollar contract in 2005 to produce 500,000 TxTAG's for TxDOT toll roads. According to the Comptroller report, "A Need for a Higher Standard", Wheatley also received NO BID contracts from the local tolling authority, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA).

Over the years, the Wheatley (12/6/1967) has kept many of the details of who she works for, and how much she gets paid, a secret.

Read all about Wheatley here.

And, in September, Wheatley was found to have violated state law and had to pay a $10,000 fine - after I filed a formal complaint the year before.

So, those links above will bring you up to date with what happened last week....

I parked in the underground parking of Whole foods downtown, to run in to get a loaf of Ciabatta bread.

As I’m walking from my car to the escalator, I pass a woman who I hardly notice, who maybe looks slightly familiar but I don’t think about it too much, since my mind is on my long “to do” list for that day.

Then I hear, “Sal, Sal Costello”, and I turn around smiling, and for a moment I can’t place her. I figure it’s someone who recognizes me, and I expect to hear a “Thank you” for the work I’ve done, which I’ve heard many times before over the past few years of being on the TV news for fighting freeway tolls.

“Hi, I’m Melinda Wheatley”, she says as she reaches out to shake my hand with a nice pleasant smile. The obsessive perfectionist in me notices a “dead tooth”, a slightly discolored tooth. One of the upper front centrals.

I remember, my overall reaction of the first moment was that she’s kind of charming.

Then in the same moment, my brain spins a 360.

I can’t compute why Melinda Wheatley would ever wish to introduce herself, since in the past months and years I’ve raked her over the coals by exposing her affair (and everything else - see links above) with the married Rep. Mike Krusee.

Then I get it. This is how politicians act, she’s playing politician, I'll just let her talk, I tell myself.

Then Wheatley takes the surprising introduction a step further, and says, “I wanted to thank you for everything you’ve put me through”.

Yup, you read that right.

Wheatley surprises yet again by saying, “I pray for you”.

Well, isn’t that a sharp little backhand...oh she's a handful, I thought.

I say, “It’s never been personal, I’m just focused on getting something done”. While I continue to listen to Wheatley’s strange confession.

Wheatley tells me how my exposing her, made her realize that she was “just focused on making money” - her words, not mine. And she tells me that she’s a better person because of my work.

Wheatley also tells me that she used to be an activist, and she’s “getting into human trafficking”. I only assume she’s means that she’s working to stop it, not profit off it (but maybe I’m naive).

While she’s sharing, I consider asking her questions about Krusee, but at that moment I really don’t feel like playing reporter.

So, I remember I had wanted to get back to my day. I got bored, I told her to "take care", she says good-by and I go back to my quest for Ciabatta.

Now folks, if you know Rep. Mike "Freeway Toller" Krusee, make sure he reads every word of this article. There are a couple hidden keywords I placed so only Krusee and Wheatley would understand what's coming next week - on this blog. Happy Thanksgiving.

A BUNKER BUSTER MUCKRAKER EXCLUSIVE COMING SOON: A Married Republican State Representative and his Mistress advertise on a Swingers “Sex Swap” website.

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Sal Costello said...



Would it be possible to get a law passed that says that a toll road cannot be built without explicit permission from the legislature? And maybe a law that says a toll can only be charged to repay the initial cost of building the road?

This is a maddening situation, and the constant battles that need to be fought against these crooked people is overwhelming. The lack of public knowledge is the worst part. It seems like nobody really understands the seriousness of the situation.



my answer...


Not likely.

There was a law in place that stated that the public needed to vote on ANY toll road, and Rep Krusee and Gov. Perry did away with it in 2003. (it was in HB 3588)


Peter Stern said...

Dear Sal,

I like the Melinda article a lot. ( http://salcostello.blogspot.com/ )

You left out a thing or 2. These politicians --- like Wheatly --- are narcissistic, compulsive liars and have personality disorders. Basically what that means is that they are grandiose and believe they can get away with anything, a.k.a., they "walk on water". And you know what? They are correct! That's right. They are protected by the laws that are supposed to protect all of us!

Taxpaying voters have no clue what goes on behind the political doors even though you, myself and quite a few others try to tell them what is happening. They don't care. They are working 2 or three jobs to make their monthly and daily living expenses. Maybe they're on that long unemployed list our government keeps telling us is the shortest in years! Another crock!

Consequently, over the years legislators most knowingly and some not, have cushioned themselves behind various hidden and/or piggy-backed legislation that protects them from being observed, or to be recognized for what they are doing. These new laws also help them make more profits for themselves and their special interests.

Most of these vermin politicians, like Melinda, don't think they are lying. They forgot what a lie is because they do it so often they believe everything they do and say is the truth.

That's why we now have so many of them and why they continue to run us all into the ground. We are doomed unless we can apply the brakes and turn it all around. In short, Sal, as "the Boss" [Bruce Springsteen] sings we are "running against the wind"!

Your buddy crusader for the common good,




Grumpy said...

It certainly reflects the fact that the best and brightest are not representing us.

Also, the fact that the voter approval for toll roads was negated by politicos rather than the voters themselves...

Rusty Shackleford said...


Joe Pickett was never Chairman of the Transportation Committee in the House. He was once chair of the "Transportation Policy Board," which isn't a House committee. It's a committee within the El Paso Municipal Planning Organization. He's only been a member of the Transportation Committee in the House.