Large Hole opens in Houston Freeway, TxDOT clueless.

The actual hole on Hwy 59 - from above and below

Various media outlets have reported on the large hole that opened on the West Loop in Houston yesterday (three-lane exit ramp that goes from the 610 West Loop to the Southwest Freeway (U.S. Highway 59), creating a major hazard for drivers. TxDOT doesn't know what happened:
“We are not sure what happened. We’re going to have to investigate that,” said Karen Olthon of TxDOT. “Our maintenance supervisor just happened to be in that area today at 11 o’clock this morning and drove over that lane and did not notice anything.”
And police took 30 minutes to arrive and shut down the street.

Read about it HERE.

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Jane said...


The freeway entrance and exit ramps where the tollways are in Austin are extremely dangerous and just don't make sense.

They must not have hired any "real" civil engineers. I can't believe my life is being put into jeopardy because I refuse to pay a toll for corruption