TxDOT Builds Bridge That Floods Water and Trash. TxDOT says It's Not their Problem

Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas - North West of Dallas has a special new bridge that floods water and trash because it was built at least 4 feet too low - all courtesy of TxDOT.

The TimesRecord News reports yet another TxDOT design failure:

"The Texas Department of Transportation built the bridge as part of a $1.4 million project that included two pedestrian bridges, a walkway around the lake, bathrooms and gazebos.

But it's 4 feet too low and must be raised at a price of $86,000, Sandoval said.

His attempts to get TxDOT to help have been rebuffed, he said.

"I sent (TxDOT area engineer) Mr. James Kelley a letter June 15 (2006) indicating that we had some concerns about the bridge," Sandoval said Friday. "(Bridge engineer) Mike Beaver responded and indicated that they had done some work with the flood plane administrator that worked for Wichita Falls. They had squared it with him, and it seemed the appropriate height."

Sandoval took that 2006 letter as a "no" to TxDOT providing any help or financial assistance, and MSU hired another engineer to address the problem.

"I don't need to be an engineer to tell you the height is not adequate," Sandoval said Friday. "When it rains, it floods. It picks up all the trash around the creek that empties into that. Visually, it's not quite right. We need to raise it four feet."

TxDOT's response? Adele Lewis, TxDOT public information officer said they didn't know about the problem and said they never received any communications. The article reported that Lewis's statement was false - the letter was found.

TxDOT told the University it was their problem, says Juan Sandoval, MSU vice president for administration and finance:
"They basically said it's a university issue."

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