Your TxDOT Dollars At Work!

Blogger Dicky Neely of Corpus Christi says TxDOT's poor design of South Padre Island Drive has caused numerous car accidents. And, now TxDOT is trying to fix the mistakes they made with ramp reversals and more:
South Padre Island Drive has suffered from poor design and planning from the beginning. TxDOT (Texas Department of Transportation) has recently embarked on an ambitious program to move, reverse and alter many off and on ramps to correct errors inherent since the earliest days of the freeway.

Their success has been mediocre at best and has caused many chain reaction, multi car crashes. Who knows how long this will go on?

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Dicky Neely said...

I drove over South Padre Island Drive here in Corpus Christi Saturday evening in the rain and it was plumb scary! It's rough, narrow, confusing and the water doesn't run off as fast as it should. Spray from vehicles ahead of me was very heavy but is was only a light rain.
This freeway has been a disaster from its earliest days and appears to be under construction or modification continuously.
TXDOT officials appear regularly on local TV urging patience and caution.