Help stop Sen. Watson's FREEway Tolls in Central Texas, FIRE the CAMPO Sleazy Six in 2008!!!! (Click HERE to see the Sleazy Six!)


Anonymous said...

Cedar Park Mayor Bob Lemon, one of the SLEAZY SIX, has made claims that his vote at CAMPO represented the wishes of the community. In a local newspaper he was quoted as stating that he would be seeking affirmation of his actions from our City Council (a bit late) next week at the regularly scheduled council meeting.

One of the other council members says that our council will be discussing at the council meeting.

Anonymous said...

I just can't understand why some of these politicos were allowed to vote for roads in AUSTIN.

4 of these clowns are mayors of other cities for krissakes!! Shouldn't there be a rule against this??

Round Rock Mayor Nyle Maxwell
Georgetown Mayor Gary L. Nelon
Cedar Park Mayor Bob Lemon
Kyle Mayor Miguel Gonzales