Sen. Watson Takes Another Step to Ask for MORE Taxdollars on Thursday

It's business as usual in Austin...

Hidden within the Austin City Council agenda for Thursday (tomorrow) Sen. Kirk Watson and his law firm, Hughes & Luce ask the Council to expand the scope of work into other development areas - that's just the first step for more of our tax dollars for Kirk "I don't see any conflicts" Watson.

As you know, roads and development go hand in hand. And Kirk Watson's got his hands in as many cookie jars as possible.

After Krusee handed Watson the toll road ball in January, the Central Texas toll road kingpin Watson has:

1) become the Chair of CAMPO
2) pushed and passed a plan to spend nearly $1 Billion tax dollars to shift freeways to tollways
3) been put on the payroll of developers
4) billed the City of Austin taxpayers at a rate of $450 per hour for representation on land deals with developers. Over $420,000 has been paid to Watson’s law firm, by the City of Austin in the last two years.

Read all about Watson's conflicts of interests HERE.


Anonymous said...

So when do you drop the bomb re Krusee that you promised last week, (or have you struck a deal with him to resign and you'll not publish the info?)

Anonymous said...

If Perry, Giuliani, and Bush are toll profiteers, which candidate will fight tolls in '08?

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone who prevents toll road board members from receiving free EZ passes.