TxDOT Was Happy With Contractor That Refused to Do It's Work

Problems from start with ferry screening

By Rhiannon Meyers

GALVESTON — Seawolf Marine Patrol employees have long been accused by ferry passengers of sleeping on the job, leaving their posts vacant for hours and refusing to screen cars, among other things.

State records reveal the Texas Department of Transportation found enough merit in the allegations to warrant numerous reprimands against the company in its 15 months of service.

Seawolf Marine Patrol security officers charged with screening vehicles at the Galveston-Bolivar ferry landing walked off in a pay spat in late September. The state had to find another company to take over the job.

Two days before that, transportation department officials said the pay issue had been resolved. “We are satisfied with the service the company is providing,” said (TxDOT) department spokesman Norm Wiginton.

Meanwhile, Seawolf CEO Mike Fletcher said the company was not in financial trouble.

A month ago, The Daily News filed an open records request requesting all complaints filed with the transportation department about the security company.

Those records revealed Seawolf Marine Patrol was generating complaints and receiving reprimands the entire time it was in charge of screening.

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Anonymous said...

Does txdot ever do anything right? I guess this just goes to show that the only game in Texas is the txdot good ol boy system. Meanwhile Perry is out speaking for Guiliani, but I am sure it has nothing to do with his lawfirm working for the TTC wink wink