MPO Class Warfare Caught On YouTube: “Those people can afford the tolls...”

In an outrageous display of bias and class warfare, Chairwoman Sheila McNeil, who chairs the MPO Board that will take a vote to use tax dollars to shift public freeways 281 and 1604 into tollways on December 3, tells her District 9 constituents that “Those people can afford the toll roads, the average income up there is $300,000 a year.”

The City of San Antonio’s web site says the per capita income in District 9 is only $31,000 - But McNeil fails to tell her constituents that their tax dollars, intended for freeways, are now paying for freeway tolls across Texas.

Read the rest of the article HERE, on the San Antonio Toll Party Blog


Anonymous said...

Even if a family makes $300k (or $3 billion) a year, it shouldn't have to give $5k a year to a private corrupt secret foreign taxing/tolling monopoly to drive on roads already paid for with tax dollars. Not one dime to be given to corruption!

David Rogers said...

That comment is just nonsense on stilts. An income of $300,000 place a person in the top ONE PERCENT of Americans nationwide for income earning.

This ignorant fool thinks that the AVERAGE person living near the tollway is in the top ONE PERCENT of income earners in the U.S.

Here's a hint, sweetheart -- ONE PERCENT is VERY, very small.

Foolish, ignorant, stupid or racist? Which is she?