TxDOT using threats AGAIN - this time to shift SH 161 freeway to toll road.

This Star Telegram editorial advocating State Highway 161 be shifted to a toll road to collect money to leverage more debt to build more toll roads is - insane. The editorial board fails to mention the most important group involved - the taxpayers.

Our tax dollars and our existing freeways should not be used as an unaccountable taxation scheme. The people who set the toll rates for our freeways converted to tollways are NOT even elected. AND the money collected goes into a slush fund to leverage more debt for more toll roads.

These shouldn't even be called toll roads, since a toll road gives the impression that the money you pay goes to pay for the road you are driving on. That is not the case here.

This is corruption at it's worse, and I'm shocked so many great state of Taxes editors have no clue when it comes to revenue accountability.

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