Texas Police Seize Cars for Personal Profit

FBI investigates conflict of interest as Corpus Christi, Texas police officers get sweetheart deals on seized automobiles.


Anonymous said...

Toll Roads, really nice roads for rich people at the expense of the poor and middle class. Thanks Govenor Perry


Anonymous said...

The graft and corruption is so pervasive in state and local government that each new story like this just almost is getting funny.

When I think of a civil servant these days, I think of liars, cheats, and theives.

(The purpose of the toll road grid to encompass the state and nation is for a fascist police state lock-down and to "rewild" America and destroy any semblance of private real property.)

Dicky Neely said...

There is a long history here in Corpus Christi of police officers and members of the sheriff's department, including former sheriff Jim Hickey, using drug forfeiture funds and confiscated items as personal property with no accountability. Many years ago then Sheriff Hickey gave himself a raise, paid his lawyer a huge bonus and purchased two Heckler-Koch machine guns with drug money and turned them over to the King Ranch. That's just a few examples.
Such abuses go back at least to the 60's and who knows, maybe further than that!