Rep. Mike "Freeway Tolling" Krusee to retire?

In the last couple of days, I've heard whispers from sources saying that Rep. Mike Krusee will retire. Eye on Wilco and Capitol Annex are also reporting the same.

And WilCoWise blog says this about Krusee possibly getting a promised appointment at TxDOT in exchange for him stepping down:

What sort of “state transportation job” would he be qualified for? Is there an office for selling pigs in a poke somewhere in TxDOT? Well, uh, now that we think about it, there might possibly be one over in their toll road marketing section. Fer sure, there must be a spot for Squeaker over in the Cintra - Zachry contract negotiation section. What more could they possible want — we gave them the baby and the bathwater, with the horses and the barn thrown in for good measure.
My sources say R's want Round Rock Mayor Nyle Maxwell (one of the "Sleazy Six") to run in Krusee's place.

More to come...


Anonymous said...

If God is good, the rumors are true!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is good news and hopefully true. But isn't there a way we can send this guy to jail before he settles in to some fat pay-off job?

The truth is he has fully served his nefarious purpose and done all the damage possible to do. Time to move on to greater crimes.