STATESMAN: CAMPO has spoken - finally. And now...

The Statesman article from today called, "CAMPO has spoken - finally. And now...", did state that we have 2 years to stop the tolls, but did NOT mention that the "$910 million" is our tax dollars:

The construction delay, if you can call it that, arises from federally required environmental studies on all five roads, none of which have been completed and approved by the Federal Highway Administration. Design work is not finished on any of the roads. There's right of way to buy, contractors to hire, traffic and revenue studies to do and, in some cases, bonds to be sold to get the almost $550 million that will be combined with $910 million to build the projects.
The article did mention the "Sleazy Six", but failed to list the "Sleazy Six" by name:

From left to right, the “Sleazy Six”: State Representative Mike Krusee, Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, Round Rock Mayor Nyle Maxwell, Georgetown Mayor Gary L. Nelon, Cedar Park Mayor Bob Lemon, Kyle Mayor Miguel Gonzales

First things first, we need everyone to spread the word to ensure we get viable funded candidates for the "Sleazy Six" ASAP - deadlines to run takes place at the first of the year! If we remove some of these tollers, we can peel off more tolls.

Just compare the two maps to see how our work since 2004 has peeled tolls from the "done deal" vote in 2004! This is what I told Ben Wear last week, which was NOT included in the Statesman article:

"The fact is CAMPO voted for a larger toll plan in 2004, and we were told it was a done deal. But, over the years, our work has peeled off many tolls from the freeway toll plan. The vote last week, proves that our work, works. So, it's time to fire more tollers, and change CAMPO again. That and some other seeds that have been planted months and years ago, should do the trick, and remove all the tolls from the plan - in the months and years ahead.

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Anonymous said...

Man these guys really have that sleazy "look" down pat. Especially that Gerald Daugherty clown!