TxDOT may Lower Speed Limit on I-35 to boost 130 Toll Revenue

TheNewspaper.com has the whole article, here's a snip:

"Although TxDOT suggested that free market competition was part of the goal of using a public-private partnerships to construct and operate roads, the contract it signed on March 22 to construct this portion of SH130 was specifically designed to limit the desirability of alternate, free routes."


Richard Reeves said...

Sal and TheNewspaper.com,

Thank you for your continued great work in exposing the huge rip-off that is being attempted on the people of Texas.

With regards to SH 130, we should all start demanding that the Cintra contract should be canceled (just like they did with SH 121 this summer) and that SH 130 should be constructed as a "Freeway" so that it may properly serve as intended.... a VIABLE BYPASS for the Austin/San Antonio area of I-35.

Richard Reeves

Anonymous said...

I really don't know how much more abuse the taxpayer's can stand in dealing with TxDot. The public should be very grateful to you and others that have questioned some of the antics of TxDot and some elected officials. Without watchdog groups, the public would indeed be led to slaughter by our crooked and/or incompetent transportation agency and allies. I really think that the basic problem is that people have trusted their appointed officials to do whatever is right for the people for far too long. I can vividly remember when candidates were elected and running of the government was not something the general public thought about very much. Somehow, Texans have to demand a change, regardless of how it is done, to get Texas back on track on transportation issues. Thanks for your diligence and communications.

Anonymous said...

Toll roads generate money to build more toll roads, which add to congestion, pollution and gridlock.

Jack Whitehead said...

If any of us common people pulled the same stunts as TX/DOT and our corrupt elected reps, WE WOULD BE IN JAIL !