BREAKING NEWS: New Legislation filed yesterday, "The Toll Road Prohibition Act of 2007", could Slow Down Some Tolls

HR 3802, also called
the "Toll Road Prohibition Act of 2007" was introduced by US Representative Leonard Boswell (D-IA) Wednesday, Oct 10th. Boswell says HR 3802 would help stop states from adding tolls to highways, bridges or tunnels constructed with federal funds -- unless the state returns the federal gas tax funds used to construct them.

The details or loopholes are unknown today, but we can track the details here, as days pass. I hope Boswell's bill includes state highways, and not just interstates, but I wouldn't expect it.

"The American people should not be required to pay for the same highway twice -- once through their tax dollars and again through new tolls on federal interstate highways," Boswell said in a statement.


Anonymous said...


I'm writing to ask if you have considered that there may well be a connection between your troubles there, with Perry & Co., and our congressman Mr. James "Jim" Oberstar.

(Oberstar is a Democrat who's been in office for 32 years,+/-, and is well-known for vacationing in Shanghai, Paris, Amsterdam, etc, but spends very little time in his "home" state of Minnesota. He's avoided paying taxes on his mansion on the Potomac, by claiming a house in MN as his "primary residence" although he's only there maybe 24 hours a year. etc, etc. )

Mr. Oberstar is chairman of the House Tranportation Committee. If he wants a road/bridge/path/ etc built, it gets built. If he doesn't want it, it is slowed to almost a standstill, or more.

Your efforts there in TX are so needed because you're literally on the front lines of the invasion. MN is also a border state, but the Canadians are not as uncivilised as the Mexican criminals.... however, MN is slated to be the northern end of the Trans-America highway, so of course all that traffic coming thru our state (gobbling up OUR land, forests, etc) will bring more money to certain persons. Such as mr. Oberstar. ...And it isn't much comfort to know that it can take less than 36 hours for the average gang of Mexican criminals to get from the Rio to the MN Boundary Waters.

However, the Canadian youth are very proud of their electronic-age-savvy, and call the US "backwards" for continuing to honor checks instead of making all transactions electronic. Simply put, Sal, the TTC and all the nastiness associated with it, is merely a cover-up for the real goal: control of people & goods. Once the highways are tollways, the tollbooths can be automated to do such things as refusing cash & insisting on electronic payments (i.e., giving who-knows-whom access to everyone's bank accounts)... tracking payments, persons, cars; videotaping vehicles to monitor the passengers & things being transported, etc. Once the highways are all tollways, it'll be easy for the authorities to nab anyone they wish -- jaywalker, home-schooler, whatever is out of favor at the moment -- simply by shutting down a toll lane or alerting a tollbooth guard. it's all about control. Once they have control, they'll also get the money, drugs, etc; but first they have to establish flow control. That's why your fight is so important.

This isn't the first time these shadowy persons have tried this. They'll keep trying, so we have to keep oppposing them. Please be alert.

May G-d keep you & all those precious to you. Thanks for all you do.

Gordon Walton said...

Should we be pushing Doggett to support and co-sponsor this bill?