Giuliani and Mr. 39% in 2008?

Gov. Rick "Mr. 39%" Perry
endorsed Rudy Giuliani for president this morning on the Fox and Friends morning show. The talk is, this early endorsement and past ties, could add up to a Vice Presidential nod for ol Gov. good hair.

Perry has committed to “campaign for him and work for him”. Giuliani’s lawfirm, Bracewell & Giuliani PAC gave $20,000 to the Perry campaign for Governor.

The “TTC Duo” in 2008?

Perry created the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), and Giuliani has already profited off the first leg of the TTC eminent domain land grab. Giuliani's lawfirm, Bracewell & Giuliani, represents Cintra, the Spanish Company who will be building one of the first portions of the 4,000 mile TTC toll road (Nafta Super Highway).

UPDATE: And, toll road giant Macquarie, purchased Giuliani’s investment bank, just months ago.


Anonymous said...

It's only natural that Perry would endorse Giuliani, they are thick as theives on the NAFTA Super Highway. After all, in shady backroom deals, Perry selected the first foreign contractors ever to be allowed to build roads in Texas, and Bracewell and Giuliani (Giuliani's lawfirm here in Houston) are representing them. Perry and Giuliani are getting rich together by screwing Texans. Don't vote for either of these immoral people.

Anonymous said...

That Perry uses our tax money ($9900.00 a month) to pay for his rental house. I'll never forget that.

Anonymous said...

I actually like Giuliani and was planning on voting for him, but now I probably won't.

Ron Paul should run as an independent so I can vote him instead (as probably won't get the republican nomination).