How Accountability And Our Public Highways Were Hijacked By Rep. Krusee (R) and Sen. Watson (D).

In the past, the public could vote on toll roads in Texas. But then, freeway tollers like Rep. Mike Krusee changed our laws and took that right away from us.

Then Rep. Krusee and other tollers like Sen. Kirk Watson, used little known MPO's like CAMPO and SAMPO to vote on plans the public would never accept - Watson and Krusee (and others) voted to spend nearly a Billion tax dollars to shift Austin freeways to toll ways.

To make matter worse, I don't think Sen. Watson and Rep. Krusee (and some others) should even be on the MPO voting on such matters. The constitution clearly states there must be a "separation of powers". These legislators should not be serving on the MPO administrative board.

A group I began with others, People for Efficient Transportation Inc., filed a lawsuit in 2005 with the above allegation and others. As we were on our way to a win in early 2007, toller Gov. Rick Perry appealed, the case remains pending in the Third Court of Appeals.

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