CAMPO: Let the Contracting Begin

Pulled from the Texas Observer article, "CAMPO: Let the Contracting Begin":

Mills was particularly eloquent in explaining his vote. He said most of the congestion in Austin was on MoPac, I-35, and Loop 360.

“These projects do nothing for the main points of congestion,” he said, noting that the Texas Department of Transportation had made it clear that it was only interested in toll roads. “There are sufficient funds for non-tolled roads.”


Anonymous said...

Mills was correct. This will do nothing for the main points of congestion.

Even with the truth to the matter that the roads will do nothing to eliminate the congestion the trolls decidecd to approve double taxation toll roads.

This is a blunderous way for Austin to be listed in the history books. The only city without viable free access to and from the airport. Not to mention turning exsisting roads into toll (TROLL) roads.


Anonymous said...

Can this be reversed?? If we live in Elgin who do we contact to be our voice??

Anonymous said...

Either they can't see that this is the end of their political careers, or, they have lined their pockets so well thru this that they don't care. Why don't we just take a deeper look and see...


Anonymous said...

Hello Sal and fellow AustinTollParty readers...

I am not content to vote out these CAMPO board members who voted yes to this ridiculous toll road plan. I want to know about the businesses that the top Take On Traffic guys run, so that I make sure NEVER to use their services and products. They come to these meetings and pretend to care about what the people of Austin want for their future roadways. They are allowed to speak first and more often than those people with the opposing opinion. They make me sick. They are like the "popular kids" in high school...rich, smug, best buddies, in the minority of the population, however not at all good-looking.

Here is one - Gary S. Farmer...President of Heritage Title Company of Austin, Inc. Here is his company's website...


Wow! When you look up "fat cat" in the dictionary, there is his picture.

He has a lot of glowing reviews from his rich friends...CEOs of banks, big lawyers, acquisition firms, etc.

Here's another...Brandon C. Janes. You can find out info about him here, as well as some other sites.


He was named "Texas Super Lawyer" in 2003 and 2004 in Texas Monthly. He is a partner in the Business Transactions Section of Jackson Walker L.L.P. He has represented investors and corporate clients in private equity and debt offerings, and much more.

There are many more of these people, and they are not regular citizens who live in middle class neighborhoods. They are not the people who have to live around the eastern Travis County toll roads. I want to know who they are and how they intend to profit off this deal. I want just as much trash to be thrown in their direction, because they are not going away...they can't be voted out.

However, their businesses can suffer from negative exposure. If anyone knows how these fools connect with government corruption or conflicts of interest please post it on blogs around the Austin area and this one in particular. For a list of these Take On Traffic people, take the majority of speakers from the first half of the CAMPO meeting on September 10, 2007. They were the ones who were allowed to sign up early, and they were the ones who were allowed to speak in most of the ten slots last night. They are also the ones who jump in front of a television news camera every chance they get...BUT, they have to shove Brewster McCracken out of the way to get their face in there on camera.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this "TRIPLE TAXATION" not double? The roads are built with bond funds - which we pay for, gas tax that we pay and then to add insult to injury - tolls are paid to a Foreign Company. Isn't this called Taxation without representation? Aren't there legal constituitional remedies for this?

Riptexious said...

Props. I will remember those politicians who are called out here. I will tell my friends. I will add 'texastollparty.com' to my website. I will buy bumper stickers. I will also donate if there is a fund in which to donate.


Anonymous said...

so what can we do next? isn't there some kind of a class action lawsuit that can be filed? or what about a petition? there must be some way to stop this madness!! 5 more tollways in a city the size of austin???? that makes like 9 total, including the 4 that just opened!!! we'll have more tollways than dallas or houston- UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

GMan said...

For sure the point that the "White Hat/Take On Traffic" bunch needs to be exposed for their involvement can not be overstressed.
Like everybody on the Campo Board list that Sal has posted herein I will immediately begin emailing anyone and everyone who is even remotely supportive of the Trollways to let them know that I oppose their actions, but further that I will boycott any business that associates itself with Campo, and fight to bring defeat of anyone politically supportive of it. I've already spent the entire day doing just that,in fact.
And thank you, Mr. Anonymous for the names you added above. They're next !

GMan said...

One thing that continues to gnaw at me is.. Even WHEN we get these sleazeballs removed from public office ... and we will ... what's to prevent them from continuing to profit from their creation of Campo, with it's ever-expanding, cushy job openings for all the elitists that made it happen ?

In other words, do they really CARE if they lose their "public service" positions when they know they'll always have the free hind tit of stolen troll dollars ?

How can we prevent that scenario from playing out ?