TxDOT Selling More Public Highways to Private Corporations.

According to TollRoadsNews.com, TxDOT is in the process of selling off more Texas Highways.

Exempted from the swiss cheese 2 year moratorium on privatized toll roads, TxDOT is now moving forward with selling public highways to private corporations in the the North Dallas Ft Worth area.
Gov. Rick Perry's highway henchman Ric Williamson and other TxDOT commissioners called for comprehensive development agreement (CDA) bids at their meeting yesterday. CDA's sell Texas for a profit.

Based on the map above, portions of the following public highways will be converted to tollways under TxDOT's plan: SH 121, SH 114, SH 360 and a small portion of 365.

I told you that the 2 year toll road moratorium was useless months ago. TxDOT's MO is they use tax dollars and the right of way that is already paid for by the public to shift something that was always promised as a freeway, to collect unaccountable toll taxes. TxDOT is eager to become a taxing authority. Hey, it's free money!

And since they are built on state highways they would not be threatened by US Sen KB Hutchison's bill dealing with Interstates only.

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