MORE Texas Toll Roads are Double Billing via TaxTAG

This week the AP reported that Central Texas Toll Roads have double billed 50,000 drivers who are using the TxTAG (Just call it what it is - a TaxTag!). The toll system is the TxDOT operated TxTag brand using TransCore eGo sticker tags. Rep. Mike Krusee's mistress, Melinda Wheatley, was just fined $10,000 for violating state law, and had Transcore as a client.

Late yesterday, another news report
on Double TaxTag billings broke, as KETK told of double billing on Loop 49 in Tyler, Texas. The double billing in Tyler involves defense contractor Raytheon.

Everybody knows that their EZ Toll Tag records may be used against them...see this story on how the toll tag was used to prove cheaters ‘took the off-ramp to adultery’.

If you have a TaxTag, I'd suggest you burn it - unless you like to be tracked, traced and enjoy feeding the bureaucratic machine. I'll be picking up my own TxTag - as soon as monkeys fly out of my ass.

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