CAMPO Board Member: It's a Taxation Plan, NOT Congestion Plan

In this short video from Monday night, CAMPO board member Jeff Mills reveals that the toll plan for Central Texas does not deal with the most congested areas of the region.

Mills explained that 80% of the most congested areas in the region, based on a congestion index data, is not addressed with the toll plan. The toll lobby had been selling the toll plan as a congestion relief solution, when in fact, it's a taxation plan.

"These projects do nothing for the main points of congestion," he said, noting that TxDOT had made it clear that it was only interested in toll roads. "There are sufficient funds for non-tolled roads."

Jeff Mills, Sunset Valley Council Member, voted with the public and against the Austin toll plan that spends $910 million tax dollars to build double tax freeway tolls.


David Getman said...

Power flows from within. The inherent power of government is never to be misconstrued. The ability to retain inchoate status with an understanding is the realm of knowledge. My authority is choate and never has been purchased or distributed by beggars looking for a misunderstanding, to be overlooked or diminished by an instructor of incompetence (without funds.)

Anonymous said...

I have no complaints against toll roads in general, however, Austin’s haphazard, incomplete patchwork of toll roads IS ridiculous and embarrassing. Imagine someone driving through Austin on 71 or 183 - they’re cruising along on free road, then suddenly they’re on a toll road, then back on a free road, then back on a toll road, etc. Very odd and I’m not sure if there’s another city that exhibits this quality.