Sen. Kirk Watson Says He's Not a Crook

As you know, Sen. Kirk Watson, as the Chair of CAMPO, spent months lining up YES votes, to spend $910 million tax dollars to shift our freeways to tollways in Austin.

And in that time, I've exposed many Watson conflicts on this blog. Last week, some of those conflicts finally got into the mainstream media, the first was a live spot I did on KXAN's lunch time show Monday.

I received a call mid week from Fox 7 News asking me to have a Toll Road debate on their news program with Sen. Kirk Watson. I agreed to the debate, but I got word that Sen. Watson declined. Watson had to be horrified that I'd let more viewers know about his numerous conflicts.

When Watson was interviewed for a response of the conflicts, he did his best Nixon - "I am not a crook" impression - Sen. Watson declared he didn't have any conflicts and called the facts I presented "character assassination".


Porkus Maximus Tex: said...

'Character assassination?'

You have to have character before it can be assassinated.

Anonymous said...

I saw that TV clip of him. Too funny, all he can do now is deny deny deny. Would be nice if his conflicts of interest caused last weeks vote to become annulled. Can't something happen to it since he's the CAMPO "leader"?