Carona Saying The Right Things On Transportation, Again


Anonymous said...

Talk is cheap. I'd vote against Carona if I lived in the region. A flip-flop who caves to special interests is worse than a bastard on the front line ostensibly supporting toll roads. Democracy doesn't work when the voter does not know whom they're supporting, among other things. If I order beef I want beef, not chicken. This whole TROLL road sham is a violation of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Do Chairman Carona a favor this election season, and release him from the awesome burden of power he so selflessly took on.

Vote to allow Senator Corona to spend much, much, much more time with his family.

Please be considerate, and vote for anyone else else instead.

The level of effort he exerted this past year to maintain his oath of office, (to "...preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this state...") can only be properly rewarded by a vote that he may stay home enjoying himself.

While I realize he may have recently re-indicated certain dedication to a noble cause, the exteme effort he put forth last year must have addled him so greatly that it alone caused the inconsistancies in his position regarding the TTC which many Texans speak of.

I believe that truly why he is prone to unintentionally saying one thing and working courageously behind the scenes to doing another.

So again, reward his good intentions properly, and vote for him to stay home and rest confortably with his family.

His level of effort and dedication to the oath of office has earned him nothing less.