GrassRoots vs. AstroTurf (Take on Traffic)

Lynda Rife, the queen bee
toller lobbyist, who’s been working
hard behind the scenes - and going to church.

Lynda Rife, is under contract to do the the dirty work - to sell toll roads to the public. What was Rife's great idea? To not mention the word "Toll" (the same strategy Sen. Kirk Watson uses).

According to one Statesman report, the Austin Chamber of Commerce/Take on Traffic has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a misleading campaign that Rife created, which includes those “fat cat white hats”.

You won’t find the word “Toll” on TOT signs, hats or even on the main pages of their website. But you will find the “Toll” word in the small print, within the automatic email that citizens would send to CAMPO from their website. Mark Nathan, a well known campaign manager for tollers like Mayor Will Wynn and Betty Dunkerly, is listed as the registrant for takeontraffic.com.

It always amazes me how dishonest the tollers are - they can’t even be real with themselves.

I went to the CAMPO work session yesterday, to watch that snake Sen. Watson slither around. I shot some video and stills that I’ll be sharing here on the blog in the coming days.

Once and a while these sleazy characters think they can come up to me with a handshake and talk like we’re old pals. (At times these fools have even come to my home, unannounced, to try and rattle me - but all they do is give me more resolve).

Rife asked me why I wouldn’t shake her hand. Being honest (something tollers can’t comprehend) I told her I had no interest and took some close up pictures of her instead - see the photo above. Rife then began telling me how she goes to church in SW Austin. Yet another dishonest crook who goes to church one day a week, and thinks they can screw folks over on the other 6 days. Nice.

So, toll profiteers, please come by and shake my hand, I need some more close-ups.


Gordon Walton said...

Thanks for taking your time to continue to monitor these people Sal!

Anonymous said...

Sal, you rule!! I only wish I had as much guts as you to confront these toll-road scumbags in person and speak my mind (especially at the public meetings). However since I can't, I will continue to work behind the scenes to fight the good fight and let the truth be known... Thank GOD for the internet and what it does for FREE speech!!!

Anonymous said...

i just tried to send an email comment to voice my disgust of toll roads via the takeontraffic site page: http://www.takeontraffic.com/email.php?error=spam

and it kept looping back to the same page with a new url of "error=spam". LOL

i guess they're not taking comments right now. go figure.

miche said...

One need only look at the gridlock on Dallas tollroads to see that it won't alleviate traffic congestion. As a libertarian, I'm all for toll roads but only those built using private money on land obtained fairly and without the use of eminent domain laws.