HOUSTON CHRON: Perry's VP chances could ride on Giuliani

From a Houston Chronicle article today:

"I would say that Gov. Perry is at the top of everyone's list, my own and any other Republican nominee," Giuliani said in a conference call with reporters. "He's governor of one of our largest states. He's a very successful governor."

When asked about the speculation, Perry was quick to say, "I won't consider that." But he also declined to say whether that meant he would turn down a vice-presidential slot on the ticket if it is offered.


Anonymous said...

Of all the comments left by readers of this Houston Chronicle article, everyone has failed to mention the $10,000 Rudy Giuliani's law firm gave to the Perry campaign in 2006, and that Giuliani has already profitted off the first portion of the TTC by representing Cintra. Doesn't anyone know that the reason Perry and Giuliani are so "close" has nothing to do with their political positions on abortion or gun control? It is all about the money and profit from their interests. It's the attitude of, "You hold my d***, and I'll hold yours."

Sal Costello said...

That's up to US to comment and spread the word folks.

Everyone has to pitch in and spread the word via talking to people you know, letters to editors and comments via blog or newspapers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sal,

You're right. I just registered for the Houston Chronicle site and did just that!

Sal Costello said...

Shit man, I'm always right.

Except when I'm wrong.

: )

Peter Stern said...

To this I respond that:

"Turds of a feather flock together!"