See How Watson Runs - From the Truth.

Sen. Watson's new direct mailer tries to rewrite history -
he runs from his Perry/Krusee freeway toll vote.

Sen. Kirk Watson, not up for reelection until 2010, has sent out a new direct mailer - paid for with special interest dollars. And, according to Watson he’s the best thing since sliced bread, just ask him (kirk.watson@senate.state.tx.us, kirk.watson@hughesluce.com).

Well, you could ask him, but Watson is notorious for NOT responding to constituents questions, so you’d be shit out of luck. Heck Watson has even REFUSED to respond to the non-profit, non-partisan Project Vote Smart, when asked by key national leaders of both major parties.

Watson’s mailer (see the online version here) includes this shocking disinformation to begin rewriting history - after his vote to toll our Austin freeways on Oct 8th:
and we stopped the tolling of open public highways, took action to block private companies from owning our public infrastructure in Central Texas, and began building a transparent, accountable, comprehensive transportation system that you control”.
Sure, and the moon is made of sharp cheddar cheese and monkey snot.

As chair of CAMPO, Watson led the effort to spend nearly one Billion tax dollars to shift our Austin freeways to tollways, even though 75% of the CAMPO public feedback opposed the toll plan.

The later part of Watson’s sentence is especially amusing, “...transparent, accountable, comprehensive transportation system that you control”.

The local tolling authority (CTRMA) sets the toll tax rates for our freeways, they can raise the toll tax rates, they are unelected and therefore unaccountable to the voters. So how is that “accountable”, and within our control?

The CTRMA are the same bunch of crooks who were found to give out NO BID contracts to themselves and their pals!

Watson’s mailer insults us more by him holding up a sign, Bob Dylan style, that says “listen carefully”. This YouTube video of a citizen in front of Watson a few weeks ago, complaining about how Watson shut down hundreds of anti-toll speakers, shows how well lil Kirk listens to the people.

It’s official. With his many conflicts of interests, his lack of principles, a long history of diverting tax dollars for his special interest pals, and no respect for the people he pretends to represent - Watson is Evil.


Anonymous said...


The moment I received this mailer I was so pissed off and fired up I didn't know what to do. I wanted to throw darts at it! What is a voting citizen supposed to do knowing that hundreds and thousands of Austin citizens (who don't know what this scumbag has been up to) are fed this complete fabrication? I know that thousands of people will remember these "cutsey" little mailers and You Tube videos Kirk puts out, before they will remember what he has actually done to destroy our way of life. I am terrified that he will lie his way toward re-election. People in this town actually like this jackass...I really cannot understand it. Kirk Watson is a coward and a liar...he is EVIL.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to put that Watson in the crosshairs - for the good of Texas.

Sal Costello said...


Word of mouth is key. Tell all your neighbors, friends and co-workers that Watson, Krusee, Daugherty and others voted to spend $910 million tax dollars to shift our freeways to toll ways. Just keep flapping your lips and spread the word.

AND keep sending in those letters to the editor...education is everything.


Sal Costello said...

Also, 95% of people don't read the "I'm great" mailers from candidates.

BUT, when you tell people that you know Watson and others voted to spend $910 million tax dollars to toll our freeways, 100% of the people you talk with hear you.

WATSON knows this, THAT is why he put out the mailer.

: )

Flap those lips!
Send letter to the editor!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal~

It also helps to post comments in blogs that discuss the subject. I just found this one on KVUE...Elise Hue's Political Junkie site.


Thanks for all you do!

Sal Costello said...

You are correct, wise Anonymous person!

Sal Costello said...

FYI: Did you know that the $9 million TxDOT is spending to sell tolls and taxtags includes blogging?

Yup, your tax dollars at work - paying impersonators to blog as grass root citizens - for taxtags and tolling freeways with tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

I'm scrolling back through your blog, not seeing this link. Have you shared this resource with your readers?


And the documentary that the main site is about...

Keep up the Great Work!!

Gordon Walton said...

I'm trying to find the quotes where Watson (and cohorts) stated they went for the tolls to get the roads built immediately. I just read in the Oak Hill Gazette that the Y at Oak Hill project won't start for 2 years and won't be done for 5 more years. Why should I be surprised at more outright lying though?

Anonymous said...

I remember one of Watson's comments when he was mayor. It was something like "I know road repairs are painful but we're going to do all of them this year so we'll have less pain in the future. All at once rather than spread out." Lies, lies lies...