77% say they'd vote out Tollers according to News 8 Toll Poll! (click to read angry comments!)

Don't forget to vote out the tollers - we are calling the ones running in coming months the CAMPO Sleazy Six! (click the hyperlink to see the mugshots!)


Mike Mc said...

Hello everyone, I am somewhat new to the good fight but I am here for the duration I assure you.

First of all, I hope this poll accurately reflects the feelings of every citizen in the Austin area. Vote the TROLLS out.

I was at the meeting on the 8th. I was sickened because I am confident that most of the "white hat" supporters were in fact contractors. I spoke to several of them (they did not know my stand on the TROLL ROADS at that time) and 2 of the 5 I spoke to were very happy with the TROLL roads because they would make money on the construction of them. This upset me to no end.

The second thing that upset me was Sarah's statement to try and avoid suicide and the subsequent vote to approve the TROLL roads.

The politicians elected were supposed to represent the public. The public spoke and they only lined pockets to line their own.

If anyone has anything going on to boycott or get the word out please post it so I can be there.

Anonymous said...

Mike, stay tuned, ther will be plenty to do.
It isn't over by a long shot.

Sal Costello said...

Keep checking this blog - we'll need everyone's help to remove some of the CAMPO "Sleazy Six" in 2008!

Anonymous said...

News8 Austin took it down when it reached 77 percent against the CAMPO members voting in favor of cheating the hell out of us, and then replaced it with some goofy question relating to "how has Austin changed" in the last ten years.

I think the greatest change has been seeing so called News Media management allowing TXDOT to buy their outright influence in "news" reporting, with OUR OWN TAX dollars. That is the biggest change.