Proposition 12 is "The worst of the worst" - GET OUT AND VOTE NO ON 12!

David Van Os is pretty smart. Van Os says "Vote NO" to the Constitutional Amendments. He says this about Prop 12:

"I begin with Proposition 12 because it is the worst of the worst. In this proposition, we are being asked to amend Article III, Section 49 of the Constitution in order to permit the Texas Department of Transportation to sell 5 billion dollars worth of bonds. This is the same agency that today, this very day, is cynically and arrogantly using your and my tax dollars in a high-pressure marketing campaign, designed by a political consulting firm, to convince us that we want toll roads; in complete disregard of the fact that government is supposed to follow the will of the people, not the other way around."
Read the whole article HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Wow .. I bet THIS was a pretty site!


Then again, probably not, since the access roads won't be useable and supportive of the main traffic, PER DESIGN of the toll road.

Yah, they make us "safer" alright.