Letter to Editor in Statesman

Friday's letter to editor. The state’s privatization contract with Cintra-Zachry for the 40-mile stretch of Texas 130 includes the option for the state to lower the amount of money that it could have to pay the toll operator in the future by taking measures to push traffic from free state roads to Texas 130.

More hurdles to road construction

Re: Nov. 6 article “Toll deal could reward state for I-35 speed cut.”

Is anyone else appalled that the state’s contract includes a provision to pay Cintra-Zachry if “state projects interfere with Texas 130 toll traffic over the next 50 years?”

In other words, if the state improves or builds new roads to alleviate congestion, and traffic on Texas 130 drops, taxpayers are going to pay even more money to private entities.

As if construction costs alone weren’t enough to prevent the construction of necessary highways, now we have penalties.


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