NTTA pays $3.2 billion for right to collect tolls on State Highway 121

What's still amazing is that motorists will pay back the NTTA more than $3 BILLION with interest just to accelerate the construction of a lousy 10 miles! 16 of the 26 mile project was built and paid for with gas taxes, nearly a Billion tax dollars. That's a TON of money for 10 miles.

This freeway turned toll road will have the highest toll rates in the region, with frequent increases built in.

That never seems to enter the discussion, EVER! This whole fight wasn't about gouging the taxpayers as Shapiro said, it was a battle of who got the pot of money from gouging the citizens. The politicians want "free" money to build all the other toll roads in DFW by stealing from one to give to another. A two-tiered Robin Hood system is discriminatory and unfair. Shapiro apparently has no problem with the gouging as long as Cintra isn't the one doing it.

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